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Bluetooth4.0 speaker will become the hot sale products

  • Author:Amy Lai
  • Release on :2015-10-09
Bluetooth4.0 speaker will become the hot sale products
Due to the chip prices decline, bluetooth 4.0 is expected to bulk export. Thereby, outside the device's audio due to hardware limitations can not meet customer satisfaction at the same time, the bluetooth speakers will be an indispensable audio products to people.

At present, there is a new design T-2219A device come to market, this confirm the development trend of the bluetooth speakers.

This speakers have adopted high performance and big power output chip, support bluetooth 4.0, can be easily connected with all kinds of bluetooth devices.

As for a variety of bluetooth version, this speaker also supports the function of intelligent answering the telephone, supporting TF card,USB,MP3,MWA,FLAC,AUX.

Innovative design,unique appearance, we believe it should be the pioneer of bluetooth speakers products, leading the market into the era of bluetooth.

New device, new chance, let's hold it tight!!