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Brother twins bluetooth speakers(T-2096A and T-2099A)

  • Author:Amy Lai
  • Release on :2015-10-12
Brother twins bluetooth speakers(T-2096A and T-2099A)
Brother twins speakers T-2096A and T-2099A
These two models almost the same looks,many clients may distinguish both in difficulty.
Today,the writer will show the differences between both.

These two mini speaker sounds great with all your portable gadgets that have a 3.5mm aux jack,including your MP3 player,mobile phone,MP4 player,laptop,notebook,.
And comes with the same configuration as follows:

1.Wireless portable and easy carry
2.Hands free call function
3.USB/TF card/Line support
4.The first/next song can be controlled
5.Data transimission 3M bytes/s
6.FM radio function support
7.Music volume can be controlled
8.Real voice prompt

Selling Points                    Private mold, T-2096A patent got
                                       1.Mini speaker can work with media devices with a 3.5mm Aux line in,
                                       work with MP3,MP4,mobile phone

Description                       1.Material: ABS
                                       2.Speaker power:7W
                                       3.Comes with LED flashing light

Correlation Parameter        1.Speaker spec:11.3*11.7*12cm
                                       2.Frequency response:100-20Khz
                                       Battery capacity:1500mAh

Accessories:                     1*mini USB cable     1*user manual