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What is a Bluetooth speaker amplifier

  • Author:Seven
  • Release on :2015-09-28
What is a Bluetooth speaker amplifier
Bluetooth speakers due mainly to portable speakers, shape generally more portable, so Bluetooth speaker amplifier volume is usually small, easy to install, and the other due to a wider user, location is used, the use of very broad, in response to a variety of consumer who needs, so good quality Bluetooth speaker amplifier is very high, not only to good sound quality, but also waterproof, drop and dust.

1. Definition: Bluetooth speaker amplifier is a amplifier mounted on a Bluetooth speaker, so users can remove the annoying wires to tie him down, freely listen to music in various ways.Speakers (Bluetooth Speaker amplifier) is an electric signal into an acoustic signal transducer devices, audio power through the electromagnetic, the piezoelectric or electrostatic effect, making the cone or diaphragm to vibrate and resonate with the surrounding air (resonance) the sound, a great impact speaker (Bluetooth speaker amplifier) performance of
the merits of sound quality. Amplifieris one of the weakest components in audio equipment, and for the sound is concerned, it is one of the most important components.Species range amplifiers, and prices vary greatly. Bluetooth Speaker amplifier bandwidth requirements are very strict, especially small-caliber low-frequency part of the full-range speakers, it can be said of the low-frequency sound speaker Bluetooth speaker determines the grade Bluetooth speaker sound quality. Then face the decision of the main factors Bluetooth Speaker Speaker low frequency are: magnetic coil, cone and design, the magnetic areas: small-caliber full-range speaker Bluetooth speaker magnets generally it will use magnetic strong, do not demagnetization of rare earth high-strength magnetic. Due to the small diameter voice coil, high power, so the voice coil generally requires the use of brand manufacturers, high-quality voice coil to meet the requirements. Cone aspect because sound requires high sensitivity, clear sound quality, but the small-caliber speakers, so the average person uses it sound natural, better rigidity, lighter materials, high sensitivity cone, top HiFi system with cone manufacturing everywhere, because the sound output is very average, reproduction is good. But the drawback is that not proof cone, so Yi-ting sound engineers using surface light COATING design can greatly satisfy Bluetooth speaker portable, low-good, good sound quality, power characteristics.

2. Category: Bluetooth speaker amplifier portable Bluetooth speakers because they have to meet, so the general problem of small volumes using full-range speakers in the bass or treble plus a small caliber practice. Mainly based on pronunciation unit and use can be divided into two types.
(1)The first category: single portable mini speaker,Mini portable Bluetooth speaker pronunciation unit in terms of the main points are a speaker, a speaker + a bass radiator, a horn + inverted phase hole and speaker diaphragm integrated several. On the main function is divided into ordinary monocular mini Bluetooth speaker and outdoor Mini Bluetooth speakers. 

(2)The second category: dual speakers sound perfect combination of portability,There are two speakers, two speakers + a diaphragm, two speakers + inverted phase hole, two speakers + two diaphragm several. The function is divided into a family-friendly mini Bluetooth speaker  and outdoor sports.