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Mini Bluetooth Speakers maintenance knowledge

  • Author:Seven
  • Release on :2015-09-29
Mini Bluetooth Speakers maintenance knowledge
Speaker care does not necessarily take the speaker apart to maintain, because this step is not necessarily a non-professionals do a good job. In fact, as an electrical Speaker, there are many common appliances. Electric have three fears: a fear of wet, second, fear of dust, three fears severe vibration. Sound, too, as long as people find out what they do not like, it is easy to protect them.

People often will love the clean car interior cleaning, should be noted that, when people cleaning the car interior, so as not to spray water toward the direction of the sound, liquid detergents like substance. Each part of the electronic controller is the biggest killer product is damp.

Secondly, when your car on the road, try not to open the window, in order to avoid large amounts of dust into the car, and it is preferable to adjust the air conditioning outside the circle of the inner loop, so to avoid dust on the sound damage. So for the little mini Bluetooth speaker is the same principle, we must be prepared to work to protect it from dust and damage.

Bluetooth speakers are generally not violent shake, because after suffered severe shock, internal speakers loose or damaged parts may cause the speakers to play malfunction. In general, the speakers should be gently to use.