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There are many methods to play the mini bluetooth speaker

  • Author:Amy Lai
  • Release on :2015-09-29

When speaking of wireless bluetooth speakers,I believe that everyone has a understanding

about it. It is mini,portable and it can be carried to anywhere you want to go.However, to
some people think bluetooth speaker is quite a awkward positioning product,because nowaday is
mobile age,people are using a mobile phone while on the go listening to music. It is enough
to match a headset.Furthermore,the one who pursuit of sound quality now thinking its worse
than traditional desktop speakers.

So the bluetooth speaker for mass consumers whether practical or not,what does it features
and benefits, And today we are going to analyze what bluetooth speakers is worth buying.And
find out the place where to use.


Model: Q8 
Portable Bluetooth stereo, 2.0-channel, handsfree calls, voice prompts. 
Use special guidance cone, so that the sound propagation to the surrounding

This is a light and music to portable devices fusion, LED light show relatively dynamic. 
There are two drive and a built-in Bass holes, protect the sound energy filled space.

1.Decorative home environment

Bluetooth speakers are now paying more attention to fashion, many people buy a Bluetooth speaker is not just for music, 
but also as an ornament to decorate the home environment, it can be placed in any position bed, coffee table and so on.


Many current Bluetooth speaker support telephone answering function, 
it has the advantage of releasing your hands, relaxed and receive calls.
But because it is hands-free calls, unable to protect the privacy of calls, when there are other people around when or inconvenient.

3.Assisted Learning

Now many speakers support Bluetooth card player, even in the case without a mobile phone, 
also can play audio files directly within the memory card. Not only can listen to music anytime, anywhere, 
you can also use it as a learning tool to learn English or other languages.

4.Caring for the elderly

Of course, it also has features suitable for the elderly use --FM radio. 
Convenient portable Bluetooth speaker with stylish and compact portable FM function, 
through simple button you can easily switch digital FM program, and the sound quality is much better than the old-fashioned radio,
let the elderly go liuwan when addition of a little relaxed and fun