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How will the mini speaker develop in the future? -- Surely it's technology & patents

  • Author:Amy Lai
  • Release on :2015-09-30
 How will the mini speaker develop in the future?
 ----- Surely it's technology & patents

The mini bluetooth speaker as one of the most hot selling product in 2015,many speaker manufacturers have begun to engage in this industry. Now the market is full to bluetooth speaker,but as there are getting more products,many producer in order to save costs and time,then blindly imitate or copy the speakers,which lead to bluetooth mini speaker homogenization seriously.

As the leader of speaker,Lianxingwei absolutely prevent to imitate it,every model is original,is self-development.We only make our style and technology,then to get out of our own way.

Today is a fast-food age,everything is about quick and easy. Because of this blundering psychology,more and more portable speaker suppliers are choosing the speeded-up,and then they directly use others existing technology,even the appearance.Without any doubt,speakers might launch in the market in a short time.But if doing so, it is hard for them to develop,they do not have patent technology,do not have unique look. This is difficult to leave consumers a good impression,not to mention the own brand!

Unconventional design
Therefore,lianxingwei own the high quality products, whether in the design, or technical
support,we do have our own ideas and creation. Like Q8 has a unique circular design that not
only makes Q8 more stylish,but also crystal roulette.It is practical,it allows us to be more convenient to Q8 in the palm,easy to carry.