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Point to point connection, what are the differences between WiFi and Bluetooth speaker?

  • Author:Amy Lai
  • Release on :2015-10-05
Point to point connection, what are the differences between WiFi and Bluetooth speaker?

Wireless speakers in the audio industry this year has become one of the hottest topics.

With WiFi technology becomes more mature, more and more brands to join this profession, wireless speakers are cheaper,
So that consumers can have more choice.
But after all, WIFI speaker is a fresh product, many consumers still doubt it.

Today, let us compare with the Bluetooth speakers.

Bluetooth Speaker
general speaking,Bluetooth Speaker built-in Bluetooth chip, Bluetooth connectivity instead 
Traditional wired connection, quickly and easily connected. 
But we can not say that all the advantages of a Bluetooth connection, in fact, no matter how the development of Bluetooth technology,
Bandwidth and transmission distance connection involves about wireless networks have a big gap, but because of the early popularity of Bluetooth speakers,
And the price is relatively cheap, so it will be easier to be more easily accepted by the public.

                           Bluetooth Speaker has become a lightbox for outdoor use

Strength:Easy to use fast connections, cheap, easy to carry small portable.
Weaknesses: Not too long transmission range, the Bluetooth range has its limitations.

Wireless Speaker-point connection
In fact, many people do not know the speaker has WiFi Hotspot 
The reason for this is that many people feel at home wireless speaker is simply irrelevant. 
However, this is not correct, the wireless speaker-point connection, simple operation,
It can be seen as the speaker will be established at the beginning of WiFi module according to need, 
Speaker become a hot spot, then we search for themselves through cell phones and other devices wireless speakers, connect the phone to complete the point and wireless speakers.

In fact, this view wireless speaker, bluetooth speaker connections are somewhat similar, 
But wireless speakers, because it is based on a WiFi network connection, 
Therefore we made great progress over Bluetooth speaker bandwidth and transmission distance. 
In addition to these, when the WiFi speaker with mobile phones and other devices are connected, there will be some disadvantages, such as WiFi connection if you are using the speakerphone,Then it will not increase mobile network, which is the main occupation WiFi speaker phoneWiFi in the channel, so that your phone can become a tool to play music.

                                                    Speakers also with WiFi connection points

Strength: Long-distance transmission
Weaknesses: A littble bit complicated connections and occupy the phone's WiFi channel

Which one would you choose the time indoors?
Fundamentally, using Bluetooth for wireless communications carrier Bluetooth speaker, 
Spread through WiFi and WiFi speaker as a carrier, essentially as a friend a brief introduction in the above difference. So, if you choose a wireless speaker products used outdoors, then you choose which one?

Which one would you choose the time indoors?
First, from the point, Bluetooth speaker has obvious advantages, the main reason is because it has quick and relatively mature technology, Bluetooth speaker connections easier, the user will be easier to use.
From the view that the perspective of wireless speakers, high transmission quality, transmission distance advantage of the application, which is a Bluetooth speaker can not match, but the price is relatively high WiFi speakers, and friends can be selected according to the budget.

Bluetooth Speaker would be more suitable for outdoor use
In fact, from the perspective of outdoor use, the Bluetooth speaker is more suitable for our 
Average user at home, because with the prosperity and development of Bluetooth technology and outdoor Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth speaker provides a powerful protective effect, easy to carry, but the transmission quality and the distance is a big problem restricting the development, 
But since it is outdoors, so really there are so many people concerned about their fidelity effect?
The wireless speaker is more suitable for the home environment, although the speaker also has a point to point WiFi connection, but using WiFi speaker point connections can only play local music, and take up a mobile phone network channels, which are not yet fully allowed suitable for outdoor applications.

to sum up:
In general, wireless speakers is more suitable for indoors have WiFi network environments, or for use in outdoor Bluetooth speaker is more appropriate.