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The future of Bluetooth Technology

  • Author:Seven
  • Release on :2015-10-05
                        The future of Bluetooth Technology
Mark Powell has more than 25 years of senior experience in the wireless field, he worked in a number of large-scale industry innovative mobile technology company in leadership positions. Prior to August 2012 he joined the Bluetooth SIG, Powell served in Nokia as a senior management positions ;And in Motorola, He led the team of mobile phone products business to launch a number of innovative products, including some of the earliest Motorola Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones. 

According to research firm IHS Technology data show that 2015 Bluetooth device shipments will reach three billion units, four years is expected to exceed 4.4 billion units; to 2018, As an important personal information portal of the Internet will have 96% equipped with Bluetooth technology.

Powell Mark, chief executive officer of the Bluetooth technology alliance, first time came to China in August to discuss the breakthrough and innovation in the technology, market and application of the Bluetooth with heavyweight members.

In his view, SIG will not tell what the industry and the manufacturers do, but to ensure that developers get to have the best tools and training to create their products. Earlier this year, SIG announced and demonstrated a developer tool Bluetooth Developer Studio (abbreviated BDS). BDS makes the development of Smart Bluetooth device faster, and enables developers to have greater interoperability. Perhaps in the near future, With the help of BDS, an ordinary developer will be able to make a Bluetooth basketball. Bluetooth has attracted an increasing number of developers, bluetooth products are being developed, more than any other wireless technology. This issue of high-end interviews invited Powell Mark analysis of the future of Bluetooth technology in the world of things.

In your opinion, what areas will become the main battlefield of Bluetooth?

It is one of the most exciting areas should belong to the smart home, the whole world for smart home industry breakthrough eagerly forward to for many years, now is the time. Although there are other wireless technology used in smart home, but we believe that the Bluetooth is the most powerful smart home technology.

From 2014 to 2019, Smart Bluetooth in the smart home market, the annual compound growth rate of up to 106%, we have a Bluetooth light bulb, switch, socket, door locks, thermometer, security, etc.. In the future we will see, installed in the windows sensor, temperature monitor etc.. People want to use the Bluetooth technology, because it is very cheap, and the life time is long, safe, easy to develop. The most important is that Bluetooth is a well-known and trusted brand.

Bluetooth is also widely used in other environments. For example, intelligent transportation. Bluetooth application is open, not just a class, it is not limited to what we see today. In addition, I am very concerned about the health of the medical field, such as measuring blood glucose, blood pressure, pulse of Bluetooth devices, as a reminder of the elderly and the need to take a long time to take medication for patients with chronic medication, the device is a small improvement in the lives of caring products.

Currently Wi-Fi is also the main power of smart home and other internet things, you also mentioned that, although the Wi-Fi is not so energy saving, but in the refrigerator and other power equipment, Wi-Fi is more suitable for smart home than bluetooth. So, is it possible to be replaced with the development of Wi-Fi?

Bluetooth can never be replaced by Wi-Fi. Bluetooth "low energy consumption, the bottom cost" advantage is the Wi-Fi technology can not reach. In the future of the world, will be connected by Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and LTE 4G/5G three world, they will assume their own role.

For Bluetooth, the "low power, low cost, small data intermittent transmission" is its role, but also very consistent with the needs of the Internet of things. Equipment and applications require long battery life, small size. The latest Bluetooth 4.2 version of the effect is further optimized, so that these facilities can be in 99% of the time to sleep. Only when they have some relatively small information needs to communicate  they would wake up. The quality of Bluetooth products, operability, reliability are very significant, get more and more members, manufacturers, other developer community and consumer recognition, the use of the Bluetooth brand will be hot. Product innovation will continue to promote the effectiveness of Bluetooth continues to decrease, a healthy competition will also promote the cost of Bluetooth devices continue to decline.

We know that "safe" and "privacy" is one of the most concerned problems for consumers and the whole industry. Bluetooth support is very strong security and privacy, compared to other technologies to achieve a high security of bluetooth. We now have the AES128 security encryption technology, and in the latest Bluetooth 4.2 specification, the improvement of privacy makes the Bluetooth device will not be followed by others after the creation.