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Bluetooth speakers fit exactly what kind of crowd

  • Author:Seven
  • Release on :2015-10-06
Bluetooth speakers fit exactly what kind of people
1, Mobile phone, tablet video users
Now a lot of users like to watch movies or TV shows on the phone or tablet, but now the mobile phone outside tone function is not the level of NOKIA that years, the bad outside tone experience directly affect the watch experience. Compared to the traditional speakers of large speaker, small Bluetooth speakers with mobile phone or tablet and other smart devices will undoubtedly better,put  more casual. In addition,the Bluetooth connection directly to avoid the trouble of you find the audio cable everywhere.In the sound quality, relative to the mobile phone, there will be a lot of improvement. Of course, the replacement of the Bluetooth speaker, your device will be improved.

2, The  car owners
Most Bluetooth speakers will have Bluetooth hands-free function. Put the Bluetooth speaker in the car, when there is a phone call to come in, you can liberate both hands, press the button to answer. Of course, Bluetooth headset can replace this feature, but the Bluetooth speaker is more loud and clear, daily use can replace some low-end car audio.

3, outdoor fitness enthusiast
Like running or sports friends if you don't like to bring sports headphones, you can try the wearable sports speakers. These wearable Bluetooth speaker, very small volume and weight also don't have to worry too much, use arm bag is the speaker "wear" in the body can, jogging while listening to music can achieve better effect. In addition they also have some functions such as pedometer allows users to better detect  their own motion data.

4, the use of tour pal
Bluetooth speaker with three functions is very suitable for the use of tour pal. Three functions can deal with all kinds of outdoor harsh environment, can achieve waterproof, dustproof and shockproof function. Currently ipx7 waterproof grade is highest speaker, even if it is immersed in water for a short time there will not be a problem and these three proofing speaker  weight and volume control is very appropriate, will not increase the burden of luggage. On the way, the music  brings you a better mood.

5, old users
FM radio function for old users ,many the previous generation  elders like to listen to the radio, and Bluetooth speakers just have this function. Small volume for the elderly to carry, and the operation of the Bluetooth speaker is also relatively simple, press the button to switch the channel. Some of the monitors with FM radio speaker, and the sound quality is better than the traditional radio.

6 square dance aunt
There is square dance in the square. According to the views of many users, the most suitable for the use of Bluetooth speakers is the dance square dance aunt who. But do not underestimate Bluetooth speaker, small size Bluetooth speaker volume is very explosive, generally easy to cover the aunt who "array". In addition to general Bluetooth speaker, there are some wearable "drum" Bluetooth speaker, hanging in the neck or at the waist, later need to own practice "dancer" is not afraid.