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Which material should be used on bluetooth speaker?

  • Author:Amy Lai
  • Release on :2015-10-06
Plastic shouldn't be complaint.
Which material should be used on bluetooth speaker?

If you still feel your plastic bluetooth speaker without feeling,performance can not reach the effect you want,
then may be someone will tell you,why not change another metal or wooden material bluetooth speaker?

Plastic bluetooth speaker should be complain? In fact,plastic bluetooth speaker is not that bad as you think.
Which kind of material is suitable for bluetooth speakers?There is no answer in the world. 
But one thing,different material of shell under different mission, there is no absolutely good or bad.

Plastic materials
Strength: cheap price,kinds of shape,light weight,Cross-talk proof,waterproof,dust-proof

Plastic bluetooth speaker is the most common shell material on the market, 
according to incomplete statistics,more than 55% of the bluetooth speakers have used plastic, the portable bluetooth speaker on the one hand,
 this plastic is almost a dominant position, metal or wood seems to be in a position of complete defeat.

In addition, plastic speaker box seems very popular for young people, because the shape of speaker can follow one's heart, 
color change to meet the unique and most young people pursuit individual character of mind.

For plastic speakers,the music play”fan”completely not interest in it.
The reason was that the plastic bluetooth speakers generally does not meet the quality they want, bass effect is weak, very poor quality thin and round degrees.
But plastic speaker is better than wooden and metal,when speaking of the cross-talk proof

Metal materials:
Strength:Permeability is strong, feels dye-in-the-wood, good touching, high hardness 

Metal material advantage: 
Strength:voice permeability is strong, good feeling, high hardness

Metal material speakers can be said "natural pride", because the general metal housing costs are high, so the metal speakers are more expensive. In addition, metal box model is compared with feeling, also look very beautiful, from the quality above, the sound appear a sense of strong, performance is very good.

Bluetooth speakers, different materials under different speaker features and functionality, but if you struggle sound, shell material is not absolute on behalf of the speaker sound quality level, after all, the sound quality is good, there are many other issues need to be considered, and the most important thing is, need to take into account the individual be fond of of sound quality.