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Nine top reasons why worth buying bluetooth speaker

  • Author:Amy Lai
  • Release on :2015-10-07
Ten top reasons why worth buying bluetooth speaker

When talking about wireless bluetooth speaker,everybody must has a understanding about it.
As the name suggests, it and the biggest difference is that traditional speakers don't need wire connection, 
as long as it supports bluetooth function, it can be connected to the wireless bluetooth speakers, and it is also very small size, convenient for user's carrying, is not restricted by environment.

But also some users feel bluetooth speaker is a positioning products which may be embarrassing, is now moving the era, people use cell phone listening to music when going out, a headset is enough. And those who pursue quality and think of bluetooth speaker sound quality is not good enough, compared to traditional desktop speakers. So the bluetooth speaker for mass consumers really not practical, what its function characteristics and advantages, today we are going to analyze it, let's just use ten reasons to illustrate the bluetooth speaker is worth to buy for you?

Where will be used in daily life?
1.Promote mobile phone/tablet sound quality

Now people use cell phones every day for a long time, especially at home to rest. But his cell phone on sound quality is very poor, and demanding, while bluetooth speakers can well solve the two problems. Because it is a wireless connection, it is put to take it easy, not limited by space, also can to better the quality. Life is also its strength (at least 10 hours), and even mobile phone didn't play it can continue to work

At ordinary times we lay in bed using a mobile phone or tablet to cinema with his hand holding, a moment arm is tired, right hand to switch to is also very trouble. But now the problem is solved,scaffolding currently on the market of bluetooth speakers is a good choice. Scaffolding design of this kind of speakers can be fixed phone and tablet is very good, still can adjust the Angle freely. So you don't have to take the phone to play.

The scaffolding bluetooth speakers can release your hands no longer holding playing mobile phone

3. Decorative household environment:
Now the bluetooth speaker is very pay attention to fashion. Around the author noticed that a lot of friends to buy bluetooth speaker is not just to listen to music, also as an adornment to adorn household environment. 
You can put it on the head of a bed, tea table, such as any position, can also be used to listening to music at any time when needed. In addition, you can also put it as a small gift for your friends and family, also very happy as they are

Not only can listen to music It is also a very good home decoration

4.A hands-free calls:
Now the bluetooth speaker many support telephone, its advantage is to release your hands, easily answer the call. But because it is a hands-free, unable to protect the illicit close sex of the call, when with other people or not too convenient. Will still be subject to the conditions of environment, therefore, generally only applies to home or use while driving

5.Children's early education:
Today's mobile phone APP can be overwhelming, them APP, of course, there are also many. Bluetooth speakers as mobile multifunctional external speakers natural also has its more purposes. First of all, it can be used as a children's early education products, such as children's songs, poems, and fairy tales. And the bluetooth speakers and resistance is far better than the phone, even in hand by a child to play, also don't have to worry about being broke.

6.Assisted learning
Now many bluetooth speaker support card playback function, even in the absence of cell phone cases, also can play the audio file within the memory card directly. Using this feature, users can not only listen to music anytime and anywhere, can also use it as a learning tool to learn English or other languages, the entertainment study two not mistake

The volume with the function of FM radio Specially designed for the elderly of portable speakers

7. Filial piety:
Of course it also has the function that is suitable for old people to use - FM radio. Old people go out walk like before with a radio, but this product is now out of date. With the function of FM portable bluetooth speaker fashion small and easy to carry, can easily through simple digital key switch FM, and the sound quality is better than old radio, let old people go out walk did easy and fun.

8.Outdoor sports equipment: 
For friends like outdoors sports, if can have the music company will naturally make sports become more relaxed, more rich rhythm also. And a professional outdoor portable speaker can satisfy user's demand such as riding, hiking, camping. These speakers are fully sealed design, with dust/waterproof/hockey, and other functions, even in relatively harsh outdoor environment can be normal use, rest can also share music with my friends.

9. Out of the cable grip:
Now the bluetooth protocol has spread to more than 4.0, it has the advantage of having a lower power consumption and more stable signal transmission, bluetooth transmission distance is at least more than 15 meters. Therefore, in both indoor and outdoor environment, you can easily get rid of the bondage of attachment, let you listen to the free. We also want to remind everyone here, when choosing the bluetooth speaker bluetooth version, it is important to note that it is lower than the 4.0 version of the need not consider, because low version may not be able to ensure a good life and signal transmission.

Watching us for bluetooth speakers to summarize characteristics of the top ten, I wonder if his friends get a little bit of help. In fact, everyone for a product has their own different understanding, as to whether it is worthwhile to buy, believe that the friends of the heart has its own answer. And the purpose of this article is the service that also do not know much about bluetooth speakers and struggle between buying and not buy friends, hope to bring you a little help.