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How to choose a portable speaker?

  • Author:Seven
  • Release on :2015-10-07
How to choose a portable speaker?
Today, the market of audio products, a variety of functions, and that is how to choose a cost-effective portable speakers? Function is the most important, below we will explore what functions are essential.

1, wireless connection function
The function of the speaker has been extended to the field of wireless field already, and the general wireless speaker is Bluetooth speaker. But a lot of people will ridicule:Bluetooth connection can not truly output lossless sound quality, so this feature to some people who seeking the perfect sound, it is not necessary. But if you are just an ordinary music lovers, at the home or outdoor use wireless connection of their own audio player is quite convenient, our latest T2219A, the perfect sound quality and the latest model is the best choice for your home speakers.

2, NFC function
With the Bluetooth connection, how can the lack of NFC? NFC is near field communication, can make your phone a touch that is connected to the Bluetooth Speaker, avoiding the need for manual search for connecting Bluetooth speaker steps, allows you to touch immediately then hearing the graceful music, but because a lot of mobile phones does not contain this feature, only Samsung, apple and so on several mobile phone has the function, so the demand is not a lot, our existing styles T2066A has this function.

3, threeproof functions namely waterproof, anti fall, fall prevention
This function is clearly designed for outdoor enthusiasts, outdoors, often encounter some unexpected situations, for example speakers immerse into the water, speaker fall down, and three proof function can let your speakers become more "strong".

4, long life
Mobile phone battery life is a very difficult thing to do, of course, in the field of portable speakers, life is also a big problem. Currently on the market of portable Bluetooth speaker life time are generally 4-5 hours, the portable speaker of the longest life about 20 hours of battery life.

5, super small volume
For portable speakers, the volume control is very important. But can not be as small as possible, because the unit volume is always fixed, too small, the sound quality of the speaker is not guaranteed. Our existing style is T2020A, the volume is about 7.2*7.2*8.3CM.

6, TF card, read U disk function
On the market a lot of portable speakers are equipped with the function, for smart phone users, this is really is a non essential function, but if you really need to put the music files with TF card, that need to think you want to buy the speakers have the function or not, our existing Bluetooth speaker containTFcard and read U disk function. like the product of T-2218A.

Well, the above is the market of Bluetooth speakers of more mainstream functions. But still want to remind you, the function is good, but the most important thing is to consider the quality of the speakers. If you are not satisfied with the above functions, then you need some special speaker function.