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Black science and technology into the audio community

  • Author:Seven
  • Release on :2015-10-08
Black science and technology into the audio community
Do not know when to start, the Bluetooth speakers gradually out of the traditional home speakers, gradually moving closer to the portable and multifunctional. This trend, not just as the previous fixed phone and mobile phone? In under the influence of homogenization and plagiarism serious atmosphere, more creative, more practical unique functions can be in the audio field industry blaze a new trail.Today, we'll look at the special Bluetooth speakers skills.

First come the following error model, in fact creative Bluetooth speaker not mean the speaker design into a hello kitty, first this copyright has not yet say belongs to you, second the rotten sound quality is certain. This kind of stuff to deceive children estimated okay. Three words summed up "ugly cry".

My mind, creative speakers are like this:

The most practical portable Bluetooth speaker:
T-2219A from the functional aspect, in the audio industry is also outstanding. It's a big advantage is particularly good sound quality, dual speakers plus 40mm diameter diaphragm chamber with unique products, such low frequency than similar products more powerful emotion. Large capacity is another big advantage of this product, which is generally a Bluetooth speaker can not reach this level. You can use a long time. And it supports TF card / USB port / FM radio / Line in / Bluetooth and other functions. And OEM and ODM is welcomed.Its so multifunctional and economic.

Magnetic levitation:
By the former United States Velodyne Engineering Director and a group of industrial designers, audio engineers to form a development team, designed the world's first magnetic levitation Bluetooth speakers".

Magnetic base on the USB port can be a sound box or other devices charging. The ball size small speakers,the craft  be roughly the same with currently the best products.In the engineers' view, the traditional speaker input too much time on the expansion of the sound,and  there is a very large waste on the support.And left floating will help the sound transmission is more complete and clear, it can reach 110 dB maximum sound pressure, the output power of 3 watts RMS, the audio performance is far more than its size.

Looks like the same type "maglev" the skills of speakers has more and more, and even domestic is also a lot of, it is estimated that in the domestic market will soon also be able to buy. In fact, even if there is no such intelligence, not so black technology, increase the other skills are good, and then look at the following examples.

Water and sound in a body!:
Speaker cup built a full frequency 3W power 40 mm diameter, D class amplifier, a 24bit decoder chip, there is a microphone. Compatible with various brand models of mobile phone, tablet, and PC, rechargeable lithium battery, claiming to play 8 hours.

Dubstein can hold all kinds of cold and hot drinks, the main body has the anti - splashing and anti - overflow function.The key function of the handle is to control the volume, play and call response. Bluetooth 4 technology, automatic memory last paired devices, and automatic search on the boot.With it, you can drink beer and listen to music. Unfortunately, this Bluetooth speaker does not seem to be heating or cooling drinks.

Unique skills! Music Garden:
Do not look at this product is a common picture frame, in fact, it is a special Bluetooth speaker, but also a small indoor exhibition hall.The speakers are hidden in a black frame, compatible with all kinds of Bluetooth devices, but also supports audio cable connection, U disk connection, FM radio and other functions, in addition to support time display and alarm clock and other functions.But in fact it is the most distinctive is the middle of the display box, which has a LED backlight, the box can be placed in a variety of small ornaments or plants, used to decorate the home feeling should be good.

Can charge, call, do speakers:
As a Bluetooth speaker uses Bluetooth 3 technology, can support a variety of Bluetooth devices, the top of the play control buttons, support for most of the music format. In addition, it also supports the call answering and hang up and other functions.The other side of the speaker  is a 1 watt LED emergency light, can work for 24 hours continuously.Open one side cover, you can see a USB charging port, the device built-in 4800 Ma battery (another improved large capacity 12000 Ma version) can output 1A 5V current.The most important is that it is still very portable, using ABS+PC material, the machine is only 269 grams, 178*55mm.You can refer to the following pictures.

Big world, the continuous progress of science and technology, Bluetooth speakers will have a variety of special skills, after all, the master in the folk, today may many special skills do not show. Don't know when speakers will become used to self-defense weapons? However, as a Bluetooth speaker, should have the qualified level of quality, which is positive, can not put the cart before the horse.