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Introduction about bluetooth speaker.

  • Author:Amy Lai
  • Release on :2015-10-08
Introduction about bluetooth speaker.
Bluetooth speaker refers to the built-in bluetooth chip,using bluetooth then to replace traditional wire audio equipment, such as connecting to bluetooth device mobile phone, to achieve fast transmission. Now,the main speakers are portable speaker and mini desktop 2.0、2.1 speaker.
General its appearance is small and portable, bluetooth speaker technology is accepted by consumers due to to its portable feature

Bluetooth speaker buying guidance
1. Bluetooth technology is widely used,it apply to mobile phone,PDA,wireless headset,notebook computers,cars,medical equipment and many others devices,as long as having a bluetooth adapter,it can be easily connected to bluetooth devices,to achieve data trasmission and voice communication.

2.It should be easy to operate.bluetooth technology is instant,it does not require a fixed infrastructure,and easy to install and set it up,it does not need to cable connection,it is very convenient to use.

3.Transmission speed faster. Compared with other approaches such as infrared, bluetooth transmission protocol has obvious advantages in speed, bluetooth4.0, on theory,maximum speed reached 24 megabits per second, make it have enough ability to load rate higher music.

Advices in choosing bluetooth speakers

1.Compatibility.Though bluetooth speakers compatibility basically is 100% support existing bluetooth devices, still find out your device whether or not supporting bluetooth connection.

2.Bluetooth range. Bluetooth speakers transmission distance is also one a the important thing need to taken in to account.It is nothing to do with the bluetooth version, mainly depends on the degree of advanced technology.PowerClass2 standard transmission distance is 10 meters; While upgrading PowerClass1 will increase transmission distance to 100 meters, and provide the Hi -Fi stereo effect. In general, the range between mobile phone should not be too far, it is better no more than 10 meters. Bluetooth speaker bluetooth speakers of choose and buy should pay attention to the market ofup to 10 meters standards.

3.The version. When consumers purchase a Bluetooth speakers, often can see Bluetooth 1.1, 1.2, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, such as Numbers, these Numbers represent the version is different, also represents a Bluetooth speaker Bluetooth speakers what brand good anti-interference ability. In 2012 to 2.0 the most common, 3.0 is the new mainstream, 4.0 has just launched soon. Bluetooth version, affects the quality of the received signal. The new version is more of an emphasis on noise interference can be overcome. The new version can be backward compatibility, when consumer choose and buy should measure prices and demand.

4.Built-in battery. Bluetooth digital speakers are built-in battery, do the real wireless. Built-in battery is good or bad directly determines the bluetooth digital sound playback time and service life. Please ask carefully before buying the actual playing time and the number of repeated charge attenuation.

Everyone when choosing and buying the bluetooth speaker bluetooth speakers to prevent making mistakes, besides functional consideration, the appearance of the bluetooth speaker modelling and function are also when consumer choose and buy must pay attention to the key. Like the appearance of everybody is different, the user before buying to try the quality and function, to buy again