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The happiness and loss of the Bluetooth speaker

  • Author:Seven
  • Release on :2015-10-09
The happiness and loss of the Bluetooth speaker
Bluetooth is familiar, two years ago we began to use Bluetooth wireless transmission photos, music, share documents and Bluetooth headset hung on the ear call special pull the wind. Today, these applications are not rare, and now almost all mobile phones, tablet are bringing a Bluetooth module, but it is a new field of Bluetooth application is more worthy of attention. Last year began to Bluetooth involved in the audio, just started its sales have a good performance, the car is not a Bluetooth speaker are embarrassed to go out! But the Bluetooth speaker is really good, a variety of 360 degrees no flaws? This article is to say to you!

Bluetooth technology, which is a kind of radio technology supporting equipment short distance communication (10m). We see more wireless technology, the infrared, 2.4G, to the recent comparison of fire, Bluetooth, WiFi can do wireless transmission, the same is the use of wireless transmission and the use of different areas are not the same, which mainly depends on their different characteristics.

As of now, the Bluetooth technology has a total of six versions, including V1.1, 2, 2.1, 3, 4, 1.2, high version down compatible, which has been basically eliminated V1.1, the current application is the most widely used V2.0, 2.1 version, its transmission rate of up to 2Mbps, and can simultaneously transmit data and voice. Although the new improved Benben V3.0, 4.0 have been, and in the transmission speed increased dramatically to 24mbps, transmission distance of theoretical values is up to 60 meters, but high performance also means high power consumption.

In addition, we will see the product packaging on the X version of the +EDR version of Bluetooth, "EDR" refers to what is it? "EDR" is a complement to the people in order to achieve the transfer of large data traffic, which is the data rate Enhanced, which is the meaning of the enhanced rate. With his complement, the V2.1 version of the Bluetooth rate can reach 2.1M, but also do not need to consume large power.

Due to the CD sound quality data (44.1KHz sampling rate, 16bit sampling accuracy) of the effective audio data is about 1.4Mbit, to transmit CD sound quality music, transmission rate is only maintained in 2Mbit/s can be achieved, and taking into account the transmission power of Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR version is sufficient to do, so the market is the mainstream of the Bluetooth speaker version is V2.1+EDR.

Today, the PC market is gradually declining, the subsidiary of the peripheral derivatives have been significantly affected by the PC, the traditional computer speakers sales is down 68%, but the Bluetooth smart phones, tablet PC sales were significantly increased, the increase in the number of mobile phones around the need to increase the number of mobile accessories. At the same time, the front end of the music category is rich, but also to promote people to increase the volume of speakers. As a result of last year to become a fast start of Bluetooth speakers, this year more brands have been targeting the Bluetooth speakers market, Bluetooth as a new growth point.

Bluetooth speaker less than a year of development, the problem is not to be avoided. First, put aside the computer speakers and large home speakers do not talk, but on the portable Bluetooth speakers, the problem is how to maintain a long time. Portable speakers of life time is best not to is lower than the life time of the mobile phone and tablet. After all, the function of this kind of Bluetooth speaker is travel gatherings, bursts of power affect the atmosphere also affect the mood, this is each generation Bluetooth version updates are not trying to get a good place. But we launched the T-2219A is a large capacity battery life long portable speakers, can reach 1800 ma.

The competition of Bluetooth speakers will also be intensified. Now on the market, the traditional audio manufacturers transformation production Bluetooth speaker, some of the little-known manufacturers also aimed at the piece of fat. Traditional large manufacturers in the technology and quality have security, but the cost price is far higher than that of Shanzhai products, more Shanzhai products will also will influx to the attractive low price Fengeng market. But it is also not necessarily cheap is winning a magic weapon, the strength of the manufacturers can develop differentiation, market segmentation, accurate positioning of the target consumer groups of products.