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Two patents for appearance

  • Author:Amy Lai
  • Release on :2015-10-13
Two patents for appearance

T-2219A & Q8 bluetooth portable wireless speaker
- The T-2219A features bluetooth4.0 + Enhanced Data Rate,provides a more impressive sound with a 2.1 channel stereo speaker.
- The Q8 features a crystal ball with remote control.
-Both devices feature bluetooth streaming that allows the user to source and play music straight from enabled devices.

China,Shenzhen   October 13th 2015

The T-2219A- Private mold,novel design  
It features a highly receptive built-in microphone,perfect for a hands-free personal call.
Incoming high bluetooth version 4.0,with the T-2219A, users can get everyone around the table and make sure their ideas are heard,
whatever the setting- the compact design makes it easy to carry anywhere.It is possible to set up anywhere such as a BBQ,camping, on the beach or just at home

The Q8 - intuitive and quick controls
The Q8  2.1 Channel Stereo speaker with 3-watt *2,  The stereo aspect allows for two channel playback, for a more subtle listening experience. 
The Q8  features a sleek and compact design, available in either a matte black or white finish. A rechargeable battery of up to 1200mAh
To complete the functionality of this range, quick button controls are included on both models designed to keep users in full control of their audio functions with just a few touches. 
The controls are intuitive and highly practical, so it’s possible to play, pause, skip, or make and answer calls without interrupting your party or business conversation.