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I am T-2096A

  • Author:Seven
  • Release on :2015-10-14
I am T-2096A
I am a cute and stylish speaker. My name is called T-2096A, and people call me a cup speaker, because I like a cup. I (T-2096A) shape design can be a good integration into the modern home, meet people in the study, office, conference room and other indoor environment, a large volume of large volume can also be used for outdoor such as outing, travel and other occasions.

I use the open cavity structure, the 360 degree of the spread of the form around the sound field, so that the sound filled the entire space. Different from the traditional speaker set-up, whether people are lying down, or walking, 360 degree sound always will complete the band transfer to their ear.

And im so happy that i have four pieces of clothing:Red,blue,black,sliver.When people open me up with the music,i can emit 7 color flash led light,then decorating the house or other field,Thats time i think im the most beautiful one in the speaker field.

And im so multifunctional,I thanked my factory LSW  for making me so multifunctional.I can provide people FM radio,USB port,TF card,Line in,Bluetooth etc.And this is my detail detailed description.

 Bluetooth Version  BT Version 2.1+EDR
Function  Bluetooth / FM radio / TF card / USB / Line in
Out-housing Material  ABS
Speaker  Dimension 78mm
Product Dimension
 11.3*11.7*12 CM
 Net Weight  0.93 KG
 Battery Volume  1500mAh
 Loudspeaker Output  7W
 Input power  DC5V
 Charging Time  1 Hours (2A electricity input)
 Playing Time  4 Hours (With maximum Volume)
 Bluetooth Range  above 10 Metres
 Channels  1
 Sensitivity  150Hz-18kHz +/- 3dB
 Frequency response  100-20KHZ
 Signal-to-Noise  ≥80dB
 FM range  87.5-108 MHZ
 Profile  A2DP / HFP / AVRCP
 Color Available  Black/Blue/Red/Silver
Led flash light  360 degree colorful

I can give those who have the vision, to promote the trend of fashion, the more abundant sensory experience. I welcome you to buy me, proving that you have a good taste.