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How to use a bluetooth speaker

  • Author:Catherine
  • Release on :2015-10-17
Step 1,after buy a mini bluetooth speaker from market,open the package and check all accessories           
Step 2,Press the battery button to start play,then you will hear voice prompte Like:The bluetooth speaker is ready to connected.

Step3:Open the devices which support bluetooth function,like mobile phone/computer and so on,
Open bluetooth on your devices,then start to search bluetooth code of your speaker

Step 4: after you find your bluetooth code,then click the code,you devices will be connceted,play music on your devices,then done

Step 5: press other button like"Mode " to convert function between bluetooth/FM radio/TF card/USB/Line in,and other button you can change the volume and choose the music you want to hear

When you buy a mini bluetooth speaker,you can enjoy the music everywhere and every minute,we also very recommended our bluetooth speaker with flash led light,you also can use it as home decoration or a falsh light for you,please contact us if you want to know more!