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Small objects also have great knowledge,Bluetooth speaker selection strategy

  • Author:Seven
  • Release on :2015-10-19
Small objects also have great knowledge,Bluetooth speaker selection strategy
The choice of Bluetooth audio can be summarized as four points:
1,Bluetooth module.
2,Bluetooth version.

1,First of all we want to say is a good or bad of a Bluetooth speaker, it is very important part of the Bluetooth module, it is the most important for wireless reception and digital transmission, which is reson why the speaker playing music can save the connection line.The Bluetooth module is made up of chip, PCB board and peripheral device. According to the manufacturer, it can be divided into BroadCom, Dell, CSR, Bluetooth module and so on.We are here only in accordance with their own experience, the best Bluetooth module is CSR.The main reason for it is that it has strong compatibility, and after the mobile phone and tablet devices to complete the connection, the performance of its stability is the most powerful.

2,Bluetooth speakers of good or bad in addition to choose the right Bluetooth module, Bluetooth version is also very important, want to get a better connection effect, we have to choose a higher Bluetooth version.Now Bluetooth version now can also be divided into many types, including Bluetooth 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, the current 4.0 for was highest in the most common version, has low power consumption (to ensure the endurance of Bluetooth speaker), deductible for password (NFC), one machine with multi connected and pass the characteristics of long distance transmission, while the new Bluetooth version 4.1 has emerged, its performance can only be more powerful to describe. As the most popular T-2219A is currently the use of Bluetooth 4.0 version.

3,Here we come to see for a good or bad for the Bluetooth speaker of the most important Bluetooth speakers of the battery capacity, due to the use of Bluetooth wireless Bluetooth transmission, the size of the battery capacity, said the overall length of life and the overall service life.If we do not open the packaging can only through the Bluetooth speaker outside the packaging parameters to determine the time of life, where the editor can only according to their own experience to make a presentation, generally labeled as 500mA or 800mA Bluetooth speakers, its life time can be guaranteed in 3 hours or so, if not up to this life time, basically you can determine whether the battery capacity of the virtual object, or the use of electric core is poor.

Generally, if you buy is a 4 3W speaker, the capacity of the battery is generally about 600mA, then its battery life can be guaranteed in 5 hours, friends can be based on this point, to assess the purchase of Bluetooth speakers, then determine whether to buy is a right of Bluetooth speakers. And we are in charge of the Bluetooth speaker, repeated charge decay times will also become a target for reference, but specific reference values we here will not make analysis, can only say that Bluetooth speaker of the battery is a consumable, so don't the life time is too strict requirements.

Actually from the fundamental, Bluetooth speaker to our lives brought a lot of convenience, want to choose a suitable own Bluetooth speakers, the most important thing is how much of the budget, no need to go in order to purchase to buy, do not let the purchase of Bluetooth speaker to become a burden to your life, a compact for their own Bluetooth speaker is friends listen to the products you need, so after the purchase budget, according to the reference purposes and the content, I believe friends, absolutely can buy a most suitable for Bluetooth speaker.