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Ten reasons to tell you that the Bluetooth speaker is worth buying

  • Author:Seven
  • Release on :2015-10-20
Ten reasons to tell you that the Bluetooth speaker is worth buying
1 to enhance the sound quality of mobile phones or tablet pc:
Nowadays, people use mobile phones for a long time, especially at home. But the phone outside the sound quality is very poor, and electricity, and Bluetooth speakers can be a good solution to these two problems. As a wireless connection, it is placed in a very casual, not limited by space, but also to make the sound quality is better. Life is its strong (at least 10 hours or more), even if the phone is not playing it can continue to work.

2 release both hands:
Usually we lay in bed with a mobile phone or tablet movies to the hand holding, while the arm is tired, left and right hand in exchange for a very troublesome also. But now this problem has been very good solution, the current market support for Bluetooth speakers is a good choice. This kind of sound box bracket type design can be mobile phone and tablet computer is very good, still can adjust angle of free. So you don't have to give up to play.

3 decorative home environment:
Now the Bluetooth speakers are very focused on fashion. I noticed that many friends around to buy a Bluetooth speaker is not just used to listen to music, but also as an ornament to adorn the home environment. You can put it on the bedside table, and any other position, when needed, but also can be used to listen to music. In addition, you can also take it as a small gift to your friends and family, also very happy.

4 hands-free calls:
The current Bluetooth speakers are supported by a lot of phone calls, it is the advantage of the release of your hands, easy to pick up the phone. But because it is hands-free, unable to protect the privacy of calls, when there are other people around is not very convenient. Therefore, it will be limited by the environment, generally only applied to the home or when driving.

5 early childhood education:
Today's mobile phone APP can be said to be overwhelming, learning APP, of course, there are a lot of. And the Bluetooth speaker as a mobile phone with the external multi - function speaker also has its more purpose. It can be used as early education products, such as songs, poems and fairy tales. In addition, the anti - fall of the Bluetooth speaker is far better than the phone, even if it is the child in the hands to play, do not have to worry about being broken.

6 assisted learning:
Now many Bluetooth speaker support card playing function, even in the case without a mobile phone, also can directly play card, audio file storage. Using this feature, the user can not only listen to music anywhere and anytime, but it can also be used as a learning tool to learn English or other languages, fun learning two.

7 honor the elderly:
Of course, it also has the function of the old people to use - FM radio. Before the old people go out around like a radio, but this product is now obsolete. With FM function portable Bluetooth speaker fashionable small easy to carry, by simple digital keys can easily switch FM programs. And the quality of the sound than the old radio much better, let old people go out to stroll is curved and somewhat relaxed and fun.

8 outdoor sports equipment:
For friends who like to be outdoors, it's more natural to have music to make it easier and more rhythmic. And a professional outdoor portable speaker can meet the needs of the user's riding, hiking, camping, etc.. This type of sound box are all sealed design, with dust / waterproof / anti fall and other functions, even in the relatively poor outdoor environment can also be normal use, the rest can also share music with friends.

9 mobile charging:
How to do when the mobile phone is out of power? You are sure to say with a mobile power, but if the mobile power is not there? Might as well try to test the Bluetooth speaker to charge the phone. Not surprisingly, there are some outdoor dedicated Bluetooth speakers have been supported by the charging treasure, due to its huge capacity, it can be charged at any time. Therefore, if you go out with this sound box, mobile power can be thrown at home.

10 get rid of the cable tie:
Now the Bluetooth protocol has been popularized to more than 4, it has the advantage of lower power consumption and more stable signal transmission, Bluetooth transmission distance is at least 15 meters or more. Therefore, whether it is in the indoor or outdoor environment, you can easily get rid of the shackles of attachment, let you listen to the unfettered. Here we also want to remind you that the selection of Bluetooth speakers must pay attention to its Bluetooth version, lower than the 4 version will not be considered, because the low version may not be able to guarantee a good life and signal transmission.