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How to choose a Bluetooth speaker

  • Author:Seven
  • Release on :2015-10-21
How to choose a Bluetooth speaker
1, Bluetooth version 
In simple terms, the Bluetooth speaker is a Bluetooth chip implanted in the speaker, which also makes the traditional audio device, compared with the Bluetooth speakers for a wider audience, whether it is a mobile phone, laptop or tablet, can be very fast and Bluetooth speakers connected. At the same time, the Bluetooth version is also one of the most important factors affecting the quality of Bluetooth speakers, the current market of Bluetooth speakers to 4 of the main version. Generally speaking, the higher the Bluetooth version, the longer the sound box of the box, while the effective transmission distance is far, the stronger the compatibility of bluetooth.

2, power
Under the same conditions, the relatively high power of the Bluetooth speaker's sound performance is more excellent. Of course, this also depends on the speaker's ability to withstand the maximum power, when the power is too much of its own capacity to bear,
Will appear the speaker "dance" phenomenon. In order to avoid and reduce the similar situation, manufacturers tend to be on the speaker's base on a layer of silica gel or other things, not only to prevent the sound box, but also increase the appearance.

This is a relatively complex speaker, the speaker's structure, power and resistance performance, etc., will have a certain impact on the speaker's playing. Of course, the type of the horn, for example, is the inner magnetic trumpet. External magnetic trumpet or paper bowl speakers on the impact of the sound is more obvious.

4,auditory effect
Directly say "hearing effect" may feel a bit abstract, simply is to see the quality of the speakers, whether there is a noise, sound distortion, distortion and so on, and whether it can be in the bass and the better performance, etc.. It is recommended to select different genuine songs in the audition, also do not deliberately increase the volume.

5,box material
Generally speaking, the quality requirements are very professional and very high talent will choose the wooden box, but now the metal. Plastic and other materials of the box body can also be close to the play of the wooden box. Tree-labs is to achieve the perfect sound by using the space design of the speakers.

This is mainly embodied in the design of the speakers, although the public wants to buy a higher sound speakers, but color appearance design also in a certain extent shared the lack of sound.