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Which would you choose? The Bluetooth speaker and Wi-Fi speaker?(1)

  • Author:Seven
  • Release on :2015-10-22
Which would you choose? The Bluetooth speaker and Wi-Fi speaker?

1 working principle
The working principle of Bluetooth audio via Bluetooth built-in Bluetooth chip and mobile phones, tablet PCs and notebooks playback devices, after playing the equipment with or equipment to collect the network resources to play, its power consumption is low, and used in transmission mode to ensure has good privacy.
And WiFi sound is through a wireless router, audio access to an external network, followed by mobile phones, tablets and other devices connected with sound, through air play, DLNA and qplay, multimedia protocol music push sent to the audio playback, has a strong transmission capacity, can connect a plurality of equipment, broadcast audio and diverse characteristics.

2 transmission quality and production cost

The transmission quality: 
The sound quality of wireless audio has been a lot of people, the most important reason for the transmission speed and stability of the problem, resulting in the appreciation of the music is difficult to perfect. 
First we look at traditional Bluetooth stereo, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2 version before, Bluetooth transmission speed has been worrying, is difficult to achieve the demand for transmission of high quality music, more don't talk than Wi Fi, but with the continuous improvement of Bluetooth technology in the continuous optimization and the transmission speed of, this problem also proved unfounded. We are familiar with the apt-X Bluetooth technology, we can support high quality audio transmission.

Compared to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi transmission has obvious advantages in speed, as long as the bandwidth is sufficient, can easily support the transmission of lossless music and video. But its defect is obvious, if the poor network environment, then when listening to music or watching the video, they will often Caton phenomenon undoubtedly also affected the audio and video entertainment.

The cost of production: 
In addition to the transmission quality of the different, Bluetooth audio and Wi-Fi audio production costs are also very large gap. An ordinary Bluetooth audio price can be controlled at around 50 yuan (of course, there are thousands of yuan price), and the market price of most of the Wi-Fi speakers are more than a thousand dollars, which is also more willing to choose Bluetooth audio.In fact this one of the most important reason is because Wi-Fi sound need to device a CPU, in order to check the IP password address, even if there is no CPU also need to have a MCU, to ensure that the work. And Bluetooth audio is completely without considering this, a Wi-Fi audio using the CPU price basically in more than $10, in addition to technical costs, sold to a thousand dollars a not so surprising, and Bluetooth audio overall technology is more mature, the cost of control is relatively good, so we can find the price in the market in a few tens of dollars.

3 connection mode

One of the biggest differences between Wi-Fi audio and Bluetooth audio, is the multi - audio. With a pair of Bluetooth audio or a pair of two different, Wi-Fi audio can achieve multi audio interconnect alone or the overall play of the demand. That is to say, if you use the Wi-Fi sound, you can take your phone as a control terminal, through the APP to control the different rooms of the Wi-Fi audio player different music.

The main reason for this feature is that the Wi-Fi sound is basically in a network, the phone can be seen through the APP every room of the track, but also for other rooms to add a different track list, to focus on the use of Wi-Fi audio can be composed of a pair of 2 systems, different channels using different Wi-Fi audio to play, can play very high.