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Circle war start in external trade field!!!

  • Author:Seven
  • Release on :2015-10-28
Circle war start in external trade field!!!

October 26th to participate in the opening ceremony of the circle of war, and therefore officially began to ring! Circle war is a between foreign trade companies to foreign trade companies PK game. 

There are a total of 100 companies involved, we are one of the company, the interesting thing is that the company lost all the staff have to shave their hair. So the circle is not only able to let us learn a lot of things, but can enhance the team spirit. To fight for our customers! Fight for our hair! To fight for our collective! In order to let us grow and fight!

Circle war mainly with other foreign trade companies in the data, the number of customers of the website. In fact, this is a war for customers.

We thank the company give us the platform allows us to learn and grow, let us know more foreign friends, so we will be desperate to go to fight! Come on  LSW CO!