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My favorite speaker model T-2096A

  • Author:Seven
  • Release on :2015-10-28
My favorite speaker model T-2096A
I bought a speaker T-2096A last week from our manufactory,i think now im deep love with this product.Because its so multifunctional.

I reading book and listening music with this little cup speaker,i feeling so leisurely and comfortable.Sometimes i lose sleep,then i open the speaker play a live music,i feel so relaxed,this little object lead me to a deep good dream.

Sometimes my friends coming my home,so we have a party,then turn off the light,open the bluetooth speaker player with a flash led light,its so brilliant!!!And we are so happy with the liitle electronic product.

And one day my anut came to my home,then she saw the cup speaker on cabinet surprised said"wow~its so beautiful,where did you buy that cute one?"So,i send one for her as gift,she was so happy!!!!

It not only a amplifier,but also a gift and a decoration for house and our life.So thats why i be too fond of the speaker to let go of it!!!!