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Creative sound bluetooth speaker,all-in-one audio player

  • Author:Amy Lai
  • Release on :2015-11-03
Creative sound bluetooth speaker,all-in-one audio player

CES 2016 creative sound bluetooth speaker T-2219A is the new all-in-one audio system from creative,
based on the upgrading circuit board. (CES 2016 exhibition in USA,visit our booth: LVH66018)

IT features Creative’s proprietary technologies,such as software upgraded (to improve the audio quality) 
or stereo sound (which optimized voice recognition and eliminates background noise),
and it’s capable of increasing the sound via hardware,offering no distortion.

The system also includes a WMA/MP3 player compatible with TF cards and other devices, 
both wirelessly (since it supports Bluetooth,Version4.0), and via USB, 
you can even use it as an external sound card (with many audio inputs and outputs).

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