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Instruction of model T-2219A

  • Author:Amy Lai
  • Source:Orginal
  • Release on :2015-11-10
Instruction of model T-2219A
Hi everyone!
Today we will talk about T-2219A instruction, may you find this useful guidance as follows:

1.To switch on- Turn the power button to “ON”, then LED lighting up meanwhile a voice 

2.To switch-off- Turn the power button to “OFF”, meaning the speaker turned off. 

3.Bluetooth connection: Open your mobile phone’s bluetooth by searching “T-2219A”, just
match it and a human voice will remind you the devices had been connected.Then music will
play easily and hands free call. 

4.TF card & USB playing: Insert TF card or USB before turning on the speaker. 

5.FM radio: Switch to FM radio by using “Mode” key 

6..Magic LED lighting: Switch to the lighting mode that you like.

7..To charge- Plug the supplier charging cable into a USB port and the other end into the
speaker.When charging the indicator will turn blue- charging takes 2 hrs.

8..To use the miniaudio via the 3.5mm Aux cable simply switch on the miniaudio.Plug the 3.5mm cable
in to the 3.5mm port on the miniaudio,then plug the other end into your device.

9.To Reject call- Press & Hold button for 2 seconds

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