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New Year gifts wireless speakers

  • Author:Amy Lai
  • Source:The original single
  • Release on :2015-11-11
New Year gifts wireless speakers
With so many Bluetooth speaker flooding the market it will not be hard to ignore another cupSpeaker. That's why they decided to do something that looks better than most people are used to a little different.

Length x width factory is the company's first completely taken Wireless ABS + glass speaker. You can see from the transparent crystal glass, it is out of the LED flash. It is the product combine and colorful fashion words. Because of this unique design, where the New Year new market opportunities.

It may be it is not too much in terms of features, but it is our Private mode Speaker.
Instead, recovered chose to focus on the two most important things: the sound and aesthetics.It is not the lightest speaker in the world, but it's designed to look at the cup on the table, rather than cool on the beach.
Thats said while the party, which could be a cup of speakers atmosphere light, but at the same time to the music!

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