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Recent two customer feedback for Q98 and BT600

  • Author:Seven
  • Release on :2015-11-11
Recent two sample customer feedback
Recently, two customers have feedback on Q98 and BT600. As a sales staff, customer feedback on our products is the most happy thing, so today I will share.

The first customer is a German customer, bought our products Q98, give us feedback is our freight is very fast, and the product is very good. This product is sold very well in Germany. He'll make a large purchase in the next month.

Another customer is a customer of the United States, he wants to buy Christmas gifts, so he bought the BT600, he gave us feedback is this product is very small but very delicate, very suitable as a Christmas gift to others, he plans to buy 2000 pieces back before christmas. He is also on the process be profuse in praise of our products. I have become very good friends with these two customers, often mail exchanges.

Their satisfaction with our products makes me feel like all the pay is worth it.