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My favorite speaker another one T-2030A

  • Author:Seven
  • Release on :2015-11-12
My favorite speaker another one T-2030A
I like the speaker T-2030A the main reason is its appearance,its a cube metal bluetooth portable speaker.

And its so convenient for us to go outside,because its a hands size portable mini speaker.And its so multifunctional for a music hobbyist.

You could put the small gadget on your bedroom desk,or put it on your parlour as a decoration.Dont worry about its voice quality,its so clear and fair-sounding.Some time when you connected with your cellphone,and someone call in you,you just use the speaker answer this call.

And sometimes you think the laptop voice is too low or you afraid too loud may demage your computer,you just use the USB port function connect with your laptop or laptop bluetooth connect with the speaker.
So its really a multifunctional speaker,thats why i love it deeply.