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Bluetooth speaker sales trend

  • Author:Seven
  • Release on :2015-11-16
Bluetooth speaker sales trend 
December is coming, are you ready? Why did I say that in December. 
The following data can explain everything. The following picture is a trend of wireless portable speaker in the world of every quarter, the data show that the December is the bluetooth speaker most popular month .That's because most countries in the world have Christmas in December, and usually they will be sent out as a Christmas gift.So are you ready? 

From the data show that the Bluetooth speaker from 2013, the sales trend continues to rise, and this year's trend is the highest ever, which also shows the changes in our times and the development of science and technology. 

The following figure is the 2015 Bluetooth speaker in a global area of hot trend. We can clearly see that the first is the United States of North america. Second is canada. Third is the United kingdom. Fourth is australia. Fifth is India. As a result, the Bluetooth speaker external markets are mostly distributed in North America and australia.

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