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A mini speaker perfect for Snowing winter

  • Author:Amy Lai
  • Release on :2015-11-16
A mini speaker perfect for Snowing winter 

Hi everyone!! Today is Monday,a new start of working week.
As the winter is coming,northern provinces in China like Dongbei,Heilongjiang,ect had been entered into winter, it is cold,snowing now.
But while in Shenzhen, we still having the summer.
So now, many young people take our T-2030A mini speaker to travelling in Harbin to enjoy the snowing winter.

These young people enjoying the music by our T-2030A mini portable speaker which is box body with different colors and black metal grille combination, not only can protect the internal speaker units, and more to enhance the beauty of the speaker; the box surface after piano paint treatment process, the texture is very smooth and has a delicate gloss; concise lines outline the contours of the atmosphere, the sleek lines of the design makes the speakers corner more dynamic charm, touching hearts, gives a sense of comfort in harmony.

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