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Ways to make mini stereo speaker's longer lifespan

  • Author:Amy Lai
  • Source:Orginal
  • Release on :2015-11-17
Ways to make mini stereo speaker's longer lifespan

To some degree,the certificates of audio speake can guarantee items and sound quality,some readers had been asked us, then what should be concerned while keeping and using audio speaker? 
What's the condition we should pay attention to?

Generally speaking,working temperature should be controlled at least between -10 ℃ to 40 ℃.
The sound system will cause irreversible damage if the working temperature is too fluctuation.

In terms of humidity,audio to be placed between the relative humidity of 50-80%. Too humid environment will make the devices unworkable,or rust inside and outside the body.

Speaker maintenance should avoid direct sunlight,or keep away from the radiator or somewhere is too slow temperature,in order to avoid aging body surface and destroy the electronical components.

Do not close to the magnet items such as a monitor,even if the anti-magnetic amplifier,it also will have something influence on it.

Similarly, the speaker should be away from strong magnetic fields, if the phone is close to the speaker,when answer the phone it will make the speaker get noise.
For clear up the speakers' surface please use the clean towel or cloth,before booting please wait til it is completely dry.

Speakers electrical maintenance
Since the built-in amplifier powered speakers, amplifier chip big fear (instantaneous) current direct impact, so when you open the speaker volume is best to open to a minimum and then boot, 
the boot can normally turn up the volume. Shutdown also turn down the volume before the first turn off the power. 

After prolonged high volume playback, the speakers on the rear panel will become hot, then the best off, in order to avoid accidents. Should use a qualified electrical outlet, when not used for long, 
you should turn off the switch and unplug the power cord.

There are not too loud speaker volume, up about 1/2, because some songs have extraordinary treble or dynamic amplification at full volume on the speaker of the state will burn. 
In the electrical connection, the speaker wire shorting can cause a short circuit burned speakers, so when handling wire must be careful. The best thread dip solder prevent glitches and keep the proper length. 

Troubleshooting common faults

When the speaker is not loud or when only one out loud, first check the power cable is connected, sometimes too much dust often leads to poor contact. 
If you are unsure whether it is a sound card problem, replace audio source (such as Walkman connected) to determine whether the speaker's own problems. 

When the sound emitted by the speaker to hear relatively empty, the sound field lax, note left and right speakers do not reversed, could be considered two audio line transposition. 
When the speaker has obvious distortion can be checked bass, 3D, etc. adjust the degree is too large. 
When the speaker murmur, you may consider replacing the source or whether there is a strong magnetic field nearby.

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