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How to evaluate the performance of Bluetooth speaker

  • Author:Seven
  • Release on :2015-11-19
How to evaluate the performance of Bluetooth speaker
For wireless Bluetooth speakers have a conventional assessment, for consumers, the more important is the performance of the wireless Bluetooth speaker, this part of the test is mainly through the detailed score to judge, the project is also a number of tests, each link is closely related to the daily experience of the user. IPDA how to Pindar Bluetooth speaker performance evaluation? 

First, compatibility testing. We will choose the main front end platform: PC, Android, iOS, Phone Windows 7 to each mobile Bluetooth stereo matching test, first look at the success of the next match, and then look at the complex process. Finally, look at the number of mobile Bluetooth audio realize function.

Second, transmission distance test. We will simulate a physical barrier and no physical barrier two tests, mainly physical barrier to doors and walls and horizontal comparison of each participating products wireless transmission capacity. 

Third, anti-interference ability test. The actual use of the user environment, the test of the wireless signal is more complex situation, such as routers, other 2.4G devices and Bluetooth devices can be successfully connected to the environment. 

Fourth, endurance test. We will first find common volume of a number of DB, let the volume level of each participating products reached unified DB number of uninterrupted endurance test, test its real life time.

Fifth, subjective listening test (call quality and music player quality). Because of the special features of the mobile Bluetooth stereo, we will measure the standard of the conventional sound quality, the distortion, the analytical force, the low frequency and so on. In addition, we will also have a comparison of the quality of the voice of bluetooth.

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