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Circle war competition report

  • Author:Seven
  • Release on :2015-11-20
Circle war competition report
Our circle of war has nears the end, yesterday began a team of 12 PK votes. Yesterday "chenglong" team votes and our teams of "1+1 army" PK are about 1000 votes be roughly the same. This morning was the "chenglong"  team ahead of the 3000 votes. 

But every member of our 1+1 army is working hard, and now we have nearly 4000 votes. The spirit of this PK will continue until the end of November 26th. 

The rankings will be based on the company's business and the results of the vote. So far although we have the number of votes is second, we still have time to catch up with the other team, we can use the results to beat them, beyond them. I'm sure our 1+1 army is the best.

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