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We Got the Third Place in Alibaba Circle Business Competition

  • Author:Amy Lai
  • Release on :2015-11-23
We Got the Third Place in Alibaba Circle Business Competition

Last Friday,we got the third place in alibaba circle business competiton.For all we did is asking the strangers to vote for our company.Every vote is so important. 

At the begining,our coworkers and I were little fear to ask somebody help to vote.
Because it is horrible to face up with somebody's rejection.
But it was getting better when our general manager Steven said to us:"Fear Not","All of you must go outside,you must challenge yourself."
It was so powerful encourage from Steven. 

And finally, we went outside street and ask the strangers to scan the icon for voting and help us to get one more chance to win.
We faced with the someboday else is not so friendly but while others cheer me up.
But no matter how, I'm so thankful for those people who grant me the chance to learn how to communicate with strangers and persuade them to vote.

Though we didn't get the number 1 award,yet not too bad you know the thrid grade. 
Thank you all!!!

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