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A memorable meeting

  • Author:Seven
  • Release on :2015-11-23
A memorable meeting
Last Friday a circle of voting process is over, our company got third, do not know how to be happy or sad. On Friday afternoon, the boss gave us a meeting about the vote. Make me feel very memorable. 

He said, "when people are looking for ways to do, we do not do, so we have to go back, we have to be in this field to keep the spirit of hard work. We should do everything on the ground, so that we can have a chance to succeed. Don't doubt the success of others, but the first to find their own problems, why can only get third. When the industry downturn, why some people can come to the fore, why most people are eliminated. Because we don't think, we don't have to go to the ground to try. Because we don't have to keep on. Although the process is very difficult, but if our hearts have been a kind of hope for success, our hope will become a reality. No matter what kind of problems encountered in the future, be willing to spend time and energy. We are young, young and capital. Struggle!"

Our boss is right,i think every young need to know the truth.