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Performance appraisal table

  • Author:Seven
  • Release on :2015-11-24
Performance appraisal table
A few days the company's administrative department for our salesman, making the a panels, performance appraisal table, poster in our office. 

Such a system is to facilitate the everyday we summarized their performance and summarize a day of work, poster in the office also to remind ourselves every day what did not finish the work, so that we have the power, but also conducive to the competition between our colleagues. 

It is also conducive to the boss for us to conduct a direct viewing, but also to promote the improvement of our company's system. The most important thing is that the performance evaluation system can help our customers, the quality of our work directly in the performance assessment of the performance of the table, so indirectly affect customers, customers will enjoy our best service.

We feel very much about the company that we have done for us.