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A Mini Speaker for Listening Test

  • Author:Amy Lai
  • Source:100% Original
  • Release on :2015-11-25
A Mini Speaker for Listening Test

Hello guys!!
Chinese college students now are preparing for the coming soon CET4 and CET6 English Testing.
The test including listening,writing and reading. And, one of the big headache for them is listening comprehension.
But now, I think this problem is no longer facing ahead of them, because now our company had developed a new mini speaker for learning---- that is T-2219A bluetooth4.0 MP3 player.

By using this stereo audio to solve any problem of the low volume while doing listening practice.
The sound quality is surrounded,clear without noisy, and most importantly, any of environment noisy like the laughing,the talking dialogue will be covered by this louder sound device T-2219A.

Can't wait to experience this super perfect subwoofer? Just contact us without any hesitation now!!!

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